To future nemesisEdit

Get the hell away from me, b*tch. You might think you are the queen of pranking, but news flash b*tch you're not! I know more ways to kill you than you've had dinners. I get hired for this. If you bother me again nobody will need to hire me to kill you.

A darkness came over her eyes. "Honey. I am giving you one last chance to f off. You have pushed me enough, and if you push me again I will personally throw you off the Eiffel Tower."

"Want one last shot at survival?" She puts the tip of her knife teasingly underneath ___'s chin, her eyes sparkling sadistically. Emelia Dalca's real dark side had manifested itself - there was no remorse to be found. "Well, honey, I'm afraid you missed your shot. Too bad. I certainly won't miss mine." She removed the knife and prepared to throw it.